Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate post 1

One instance of debate is the presidential debates. The presidential debates occurs on TV. These debates help voter to see how candidate will react when questioned about major issues. This type of debate is structured, helps people come to a better decision and helps to make up the mind of voters.

Another type of debate is one that you see on ESPN and other sports shows between host about who will win next weeks games. These debates help sports fans know who will win next week. The debates are semi structured. They have a certain agenda but not time limits or turns for speaking. This affects sports fans and who they predict to win games.

Bloging is also a debate. People can express their ideas and beliefs in forums and debate with other people about which correct. It helps people influence other people and changes peoples opinion. These debates are because there is a topic that is discussed and everyone can speak. These debates can help to structure what people believe in.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 4, post a

"Alan, I want you to be my chairman of the Federal Reserve Board"(pg.99)

This quote was said by Ronald Reagan to Alan Greenspan. This quote is significant because being the chairman of the Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful positions in the world. Alan accepted and became the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The scope of the problem beggared the imagination.(pg.116)
Beggared-to exceed the resources or abilities of

a major-league policy intellectual and a believer in sound fiscal management(pg.118)
Fiscal-of or relating to taxation, public revenues, or public debt

"Merriam-Webster Online" 28 Nov. 2007

Post 3, part b

Dear Mr. Greenspan
I am writing to you to ask you why you stayed the Fed chair. In your book you only talk about the people that criticized you and throw you under the bus. How did you handle all that negativity towards you and your job. Even friends that you had threw you under the bus. On page 122 when president Bush didn’t win reelection he blamed you even tough you were friends. His quote "I appointed him and he disappointed". I couldn’t handle that. Also there are people out there that questioned the fact that your position should exist. People like Nick Brady who believed that your ideas and beliefs about what the economy would do under certain situation were totally wrong. Or people that thought that the monetary policy was a joke and didn’t work. But, you are a very smart man and helped the United States get out of many recession. You also help to keep pour country prospering and financially firm. I also want to ask if you had fun doing your job the only emotion I take from your book is frustration and anger. Was being the chairman of the Federal Reserve fun? Or was it just a job that put food on the table? Were you ever scared when you were doing you job? I ask this question because if you mess up and the economy goes into a recession because of you there is nowhere to hide.
Gordon Stone

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 2, post b

Alan Greenspan is a very interesting character. He grew up in the west side of Manhattan, a poor area of New York. His father divorced his mother when he was young. His father worked on wall street and his mother was a salesman. Growing up he loved math and music. His first real job was as a musician. He played with many high quality bands. His first job in economics was as a statistics analyzer. The job was more math but it introduced him to economics. He then partnered with a man named William Wallace Townsend and formed Townsend- Greenspan, this part business specialized in the analysis of statistics to help businesses accurately predict what to do. He was also apart of the economics board for Nixon and Ford. His humble beginnings make his story so amazing to hear. I already know that he will become the chairman of the federal reserve, so to see where he came from and where he went is inspiring to me. He was a very determined person he knew what he wanted to do and he worked towards it. This belief in never giving up has shaped him as a person. This trait was first shown when he learns how to play the clarinet as it talks about on page 23. He would practice for six hours a day to become a talented musician. Also his love for mathematics he was gifted even as a child he would recite answers to mathematical problems. His mathematical ability shaped him into the economist he is know.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 2, post A


logical positivism(pg.39)-a 20th century philosophical movement that holds characteristically that all meaningful statements are either analytic or conclusively verifiable or at least confirmable by observation and experiment and that metaphysical theories are therefore strictly meaningless.

nondescript(pg.45)- belonging or appearing to belong to no particular class or kind.

"Merriam-Webster Online" 18 Nov. 2007

"Would you like to join me" (pg.44)
This quote was said by Wallace Townsend to Alan Greenspan. Wallace Townsend wanted to start a business with Alan. This would be a very significant job for Alan and one that would change his career.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quarter 2 outside reading book choice

The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan
Published in 2007, copyright 2007
This book is nonfiction
It is 505 pages
This book talks about the time when Alan Greenspan was the fed chairman. This book uses
adult vocabulary and is written for adults
I choose this book because I am interested in Alan Greenspan and what has happened in
economics in the past thirty years