Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 2, post b

Alan Greenspan is a very interesting character. He grew up in the west side of Manhattan, a poor area of New York. His father divorced his mother when he was young. His father worked on wall street and his mother was a salesman. Growing up he loved math and music. His first real job was as a musician. He played with many high quality bands. His first job in economics was as a statistics analyzer. The job was more math but it introduced him to economics. He then partnered with a man named William Wallace Townsend and formed Townsend- Greenspan, this part business specialized in the analysis of statistics to help businesses accurately predict what to do. He was also apart of the economics board for Nixon and Ford. His humble beginnings make his story so amazing to hear. I already know that he will become the chairman of the federal reserve, so to see where he came from and where he went is inspiring to me. He was a very determined person he knew what he wanted to do and he worked towards it. This belief in never giving up has shaped him as a person. This trait was first shown when he learns how to play the clarinet as it talks about on page 23. He would practice for six hours a day to become a talented musician. Also his love for mathematics he was gifted even as a child he would recite answers to mathematical problems. His mathematical ability shaped him into the economist he is know.

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