Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate post 1

One instance of debate is the presidential debates. The presidential debates occurs on TV. These debates help voter to see how candidate will react when questioned about major issues. This type of debate is structured, helps people come to a better decision and helps to make up the mind of voters.

Another type of debate is one that you see on ESPN and other sports shows between host about who will win next weeks games. These debates help sports fans know who will win next week. The debates are semi structured. They have a certain agenda but not time limits or turns for speaking. This affects sports fans and who they predict to win games.

Bloging is also a debate. People can express their ideas and beliefs in forums and debate with other people about which correct. It helps people influence other people and changes peoples opinion. These debates are because there is a topic that is discussed and everyone can speak. These debates can help to structure what people believe in.

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