Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post 3, part b

Dear Mr. Greenspan
I am writing to you to ask you why you stayed the Fed chair. In your book you only talk about the people that criticized you and throw you under the bus. How did you handle all that negativity towards you and your job. Even friends that you had threw you under the bus. On page 122 when president Bush didn’t win reelection he blamed you even tough you were friends. His quote "I appointed him and he disappointed". I couldn’t handle that. Also there are people out there that questioned the fact that your position should exist. People like Nick Brady who believed that your ideas and beliefs about what the economy would do under certain situation were totally wrong. Or people that thought that the monetary policy was a joke and didn’t work. But, you are a very smart man and helped the United States get out of many recession. You also help to keep pour country prospering and financially firm. I also want to ask if you had fun doing your job the only emotion I take from your book is frustration and anger. Was being the chairman of the Federal Reserve fun? Or was it just a job that put food on the table? Were you ever scared when you were doing you job? I ask this question because if you mess up and the economy goes into a recession because of you there is nowhere to hide.
Gordon Stone

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