Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3, part 1

Lance wanted to know everything there was to know about cancer. So he read every source that he could get his hands on. Thanks to Dr. Wolff Lance looks at other treatment possibilities. He recommended that lance look at other hospitals in Indianapolis, Houston and New York. He then learns that he might have cancer in his brain and that he should take an MRI scan. After the MRI it was confirmed that lance had cancer in his brain. The next day they left for Houston. In Houston the doctors told him that he should do their therapy otherwise Lance would die. Lance wanted a second opinion though so he left for Indianapolis the next day. There he meet Craig Nichols and Scott Shapiro. He liked their way of doing things so he decided to get treated in Indianapolis. In Indianapolis they immediately did brain surgery. Lance survived he stayed 7 days in the hospital and then went home.

sally Jenkins worked for the Washington Post until 1990. She also wrote for Sports illustrated and she has written 5 books. She now works for the Washington post as a sports columist.

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