Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 5, post 2

After Lance was healed Bill, his manager, looked for a team that Lance could race on. Trouble occurred when teams didn’t believe that he would amount to anything in pro cycling any more. He finally singed with the US postal team but it wasn’t nearly what his salary was. He raced one in Europe, then got angry with cycling and moved back home he almost retired. After marrying Kik he wanted to have a child but he was sterile so they went through a long painful process to get her pregnant. She did get pregnant though.

It is amazing to see that even professional athletes also go through hardships with what ever sport they play. Lance nearly quit cycling for ever. Although, that feeling, is common for most cancer patients after they don’t have cancer anymore. Luckily though Lance was surrounded by people that loved him and they protected him from making a decision while his mind was clouded. If Lance Armstrong had said right there that he was going to stop cycling I wonder how would cycling have changed. Would it have ever gone across the Atlantic and come to America. We wouldn’t have him as an American hero. His cancer foundation wouldn’t be nearly as successful. Lance has a child with Kik but the process is scientific. Kik is impregnated in a science lab with guys in white coats. There are to views that you can look at this from. The side that thinks that this is wrong and shouldn’t be done because it isn’t natural. The other side is that they love each other so much that they would go through an insanely painful process just to have a child. At the end of the reading his coach talks about how Lance will look great on the podium in the tour de France. His coach thinks that Lance can win the whole thing

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