Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3, post 2

This book so far has been about Lance Armstrong’s life before and after cancer. Lance before cancer rode his bike just because. Now during cancer he starts to realize the true meaning of riding his bike. Cancer totally changes the way he thinks from food to family. He actually says in the book that he thinks that cancer was a good thing for him. I personally like the way that it is written because it sounds like he is talking to you. I have found no weaknesses. This book relates to my life because the most traumatic things in your life can be the things that you are the most thankful for. I predict that Lance will survive and create a charity to help cancer patients. Feelings associated with this book are ones of amazement that Lance is still alive.

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Jack's Blog said...

I really love how Lance Armstrong's outlook on life. You really summarized an important message very well. Having read this book, I can say from experience that this book changed my view on many things in life.